Our Process

Building Your New Home


Getting Started

To get started, you'll need a sales contract, pre-approval letter, 5% - 10% earnest money deposit, a floor plan in mind, pricing configured, and neighborhood and/or lot. 

One of your first meetings will be a Design Meeting in which we'll discuss the details of your home, the overall floor plan and any adjustments you'd like to make, front elevation architecture, window colors and styles, and more. This is an opportunity to customize your home to best fit your needs. We will also introduce the vendors you'll be working with throughout the process and give you an idea of when those meetings can be scheduled for those selections to be made.

You will be given a personal Construction Manager who will be your go-to contact throughout the entire building process. Communication will include weekly emails, phone calls, and the Buildertrend portal.

To see our full building process, click below. 


Walkthroughs and Selections

You'll meet with several vendors throughout the construction of your home. We'll refer you to our Walkthroughs and Selections Guide to provide information on when and where you'll need to make each selection. We'll also have several meetings with you throughout the building process. Most will take place on-site of the build with the opportunity to address any concerns or questions you may have.

Once your home is permitted, we will meet for our Plot Plan Meeting to discuss the layout of the home on the lot and make sure sizing, orientation, and all other elements are considered before construction begins. Please note, permitting your home may take some time depending on the city and community requirements and other factors. We will notify you once your home has been permitted and plans have been approved. 



    We'll have several meetings for key milestones throughout your build including Framing, Electrical, Trim, and your New Home Orientation Walkthrough. These meetings take place at your lot/home with your Construction Manager and are a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have or concerns you'd like to address. 

    Building a new home can take anywhere between 9 months to over a year depending on costs of materials, availability of vendors and products, weather, and other factors. It's important to note that these factors may move your close date, extending our build time. Should we encounter any delays or changes in cost, we will communicate with you as necessary. 


      Site Costs

      The construction of your new home may incur various additional costs based on several factors of the land, necessity, and other conditions. These items are completely reliant on the land and may differ between lots. Such costs can include trench footings, piering, retaining walls, extraction and hauling of trees, rock, or other excess materials, and jackhammering, if necessary. 

      For a full list of common site costs, click below to see our Site Costs Guide. 



      On the day of close, you will meet with your lender or our title company. This meeting will take roughly an hour and will be your opportunity to sign any necessary paperwork. Be sure to bring a cashier's check or initiate a wire before the meeting. It's best to schedule this meeting in the morning Monday-Thursday. It may take 2 hours for the loan to fully fund. Do NOT schedule your movers for the same day as close in the event something goes awry with funding.

      Closing dates are not guaranteed so leave yourself with some flexibility in case something comes up and the close date needs to be moved. Your closing date may change throughout your build depending on various factors including inclement weather, shipping delays, supply shortages, and other conditions. You will be notified if your closing date changes. 

      For more information about closing, download our Closing Process FAQ below. 


      Warranty Information

      Within 5-7 days of your close date, you will meet with our Warranty Manager for a Home Orientation Walkthrough. The purpose of this meeting is to show you the different functions and how to operate all the components of your new home. In addition, we will share preventive maintenance tips to help ensure the longevity of your homes’ systems. This meeting is an important transition to you as the new homeowner and will take approximately 3 hours to complete.

      You will have the opportunity to submit warranty items at 60 days after your close date and again at 11 months after your close date. This is an important time to address any items from your punchlist. All warranty requests should be submitted through Buildertrend. 

      For any questions regarding your home warranty, please contact our Warranty Manager. 

        Pricing is subject to change without notice. Please contact us for current pricing. 

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