How to Work From Home

How to Work From Home

September 10, 2020

While the pandemic continues, we find ourselves in an unprecedented time as parents adjust to working from home and kids begin virtual learning. With families spending more time at home than ever, it can be hard to balance everything going on inside and outside of the house. Here are a few tips to help with working from home.

Designate a Workspace
A Home Office can be the perfect space to work from home. If a separate room isn’t available, designating a table or desk can suffice – even a seat at your Dining table! As long as you have everything you need to focus and successfully perform what’s needed, this space can be completely yours. Designating this space strictly for work also helps to maintain a better separation between work life and home life. If possible, find spaces that are specific to each individual so everyone can work as they need to without distraction.

Stick to a Routine
Planning out a schedule that works for you and your family can be a key part in making the best of this situation. Keep in mind that although your surroundings have changed, certain duties may still need to be fulfilled. Maintaining those consistencies can help to make this transition easier for everyone. Designate set hours for work and school so everyone knows what is to be expected each day.

Stay Organized
While it may be more easily said than done, staying organized should be a top priority when working from home. Find what works best for you in keeping your thoughts together. Whether it be Post-Its, a whiteboard, to-do lists, or whatever it may be, embrace all of the tools you can to keep everything running smoothly. Disorganization can add to the chaos and cause additional stress, and nobody needs that.

Remember to Take a Break
When people begin working from home, they find it difficult to differentiate a work/life balance and can often work overtime without realizing it. This can eventually lead to burnout, which can be detrimental to your health and work performance. Talk with your boss or child’s teacher to find how breaks can be taken throughout the day. Are you given a time for lunch? Can you leave the home if you need to run an errand? These things are important to discuss as you settle into working from home. Without the necessity of a commute, it’s easier to find yourself working longer hours. Just remember it is still okay to take 15 minute breaks for a quick walk or to grab a drink or even use the restroom.

You Can Do This
We know it’s been said several times before – “We’re in this together!” – but, we really are. We are all living in an unprecedented time with more of us working from home than ever before. While it may seem overwhelming at times, just remind yourself to take a deep breath and keep pressing forward towards another day. Working from home can be a big adjustment, especially as our children join us with virtual learning. Each family is different so everyone may need to adjust differently. Reach out to any resources you can to find the answers and solutions that work best for you and your family.

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