5 Ways to Renew Your Home in the New Year

5 Ways to Renew Your Home in the New Year

January 3, 2022

With every new year, goals are set for losing weight, changing jobs, saving money, or personal improvement. But, what about your home? Setting goals for your home improvement can have lasting effects throughout the year, without breaking the bank. 

Here are five ways you can renew your living space this year. 

Add a Rug 

Adding a rug can be a great, simple way to bring color or texture into a space. Be sure to measure your space to find the best size. Pro tip: Rugs can be used in hardwood, tile, and carpeted spaces! 

Reduce Clutter

Clean out any unused or unwanted items from your closet, pantry, and storage. Keep anything of sentimental or historical value and donate the rest. Clearing out space in your home can also open space for new items, opportunities, and experiences in other areas of your life. 

Light Up Your Space

Adding lamps and overhead lighting to your space can improve your mood and the overall energy of a room. Try switching out one lamp for another or opting for a different bulb to create a different atmosphere. One light can make a huge difference! 

Switch Up Your Style

Choose an eye-catching piece of art or home decor to add a revived sense of style to your space. Switch out the items on your bookshelves or play with the artwork above your mantel. Have fun and don't be afraid to try something new! 

Finish Your Basement

So much room for activities! Add a built-in bar, a workout room, a home theater, or a game room to make the most of your home. The possibilities are endless! Let's build the basement of your dreams. Call us today to get started (913) 220-7477! 


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